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  CALL 654-2255 (654-BALL)


We can still squeeze a few more teams in

Schedules for all teams up until Saturday, December 27th

have been emailed out and are now online


All Thursday teams play Tuesday next week all Wednesday teams have NO games next week


The following week Wednesday and Thursday MENS teams will play any of the following days- December 28th, 29th, 30th or January 2nd.


The following week Wednesday COED teams will play Monday, December 29th & Friday, January 2nd.



Week 4 weekday schedules will be released no later than Monday, December 22nd


Week 4 Sunday schedules will be released no later than Tuesday, December 24th  


League Fees:


Bobby J WILL be at Melrose Thursday from 7:30- 8:00 PM & 9:45- 10:30 PM for anyone wanting to drop off League fees




Status of the Rinks…


Melrose CC- Ready to go- lines are IN

Bronx Park CC- Ready to go- - lines going in hopefully soon

Valley Gardens CC Ready to go- - lines are IN

Northwood CC- Ready to go- BRAND NEW Zamboni will be in next week and we will start using Northwood on December 28th


PLEASE REMEMBER to have all team members call 204- 654-2255 on game day to make sure all games on and the rinks are back in shape with no schedule revisions



Scorecards- Please make sure First AND Last names are on the cards and clearly written. Only have players on the card that are at the game. Ref will count players and if too many players are listed on the score card, all stats and credit for games played will not be counted for that game





 To contact the League please email us at



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MEMO Regarding Winnipeg Jets home games:


We have already been getting requests to reschedule games so players can attend Jets games

Unfortunately, we can NOT reschedule games.


If your players decide to miss spongee to go to a Jets game and you can not ice a team you WILL have to forfeit.


If you Forfeit 24 hours in advance you will not be charged ref fees


The following are reasons why………


A- Lack of rinks available (we have over 165 teams to schedule for)

B- Lack of time to make up games

C- You and/or you opponents picked that day to play games and not alternate days (unless weather dictates a cancellation)

D- Rinks are booked and rented to the League, rescheduling would mean paying rent twice for the same game/s (not in budget)

E- Jets home games every season will always put conflicts in schedule and we can not work around them


Let your players know this. They must decide if they are playing spongee or going to the Jets game/s.


PLEASE REMEMBER to have all team members call 204- 654-2255 on game day to make sure all games are on with no delays- NO MATTER HOW NICE IT IS OUTSIDE!


(Equipment can break down at anytime at the clubs causing scheduling problems)





We have, received several complaints over the years about alcohol being consumed at the community centers


The League and the Community Centers have ZERO tolerance to this!!


Any player and/or Team caught consuming alcohol, leaving empties behind, using drugs, or smell of drugs will be SUSPENDED for the rest of the season.


This includes in club house, on rinks, in players boxes, on grounds or parking lots


NO WARNINGS- NO APPEALS and no Registration fees will be refunded


The Community Centers are kind enough to rent out League their rinks so YOU can play Sponge Hockey. Community Centers are for members of the community, and more importantly children, who WILL NOT be exposed to such actions from our League


Without these community centers, there is no League, and at this point, some clubs may take away our rinks, so PLEASE respect our Rules and policies


It is up to you to let your team mates know, and patrol your team because if you don’t, it may be YOUR team mate that ruins it for YOU!!!



Please make sure you buy the correct sponge pucks. Some places are selling the sponge pucks that are too light and too soft








In the event of excessive wind chill we will NOT cancel games...we may shorten games to 17 minute halves or 15 minute halves for the safety of players, goalies and refs. If we shorten games you may go warm up in between games for you have 2 games that day.


-Wind Chill  is 32c to -38c-  ............refs will ask teams if they want to shorten game to 17 minute halves..if ONE team says is YES


-Wind Chill  is 39c to -41c...........automatic 17 minute halves


-Wind Chill  is -42 and higher........automatic 15 minute halves


Refs still paid full fees (consider it "danger" pay)



Bundle up players...this is Winterpeg!!








Players must wear their helmets (with chin strap done up) or that CAN’T PLAY!!!


Let your team mates know this!!

(Visors and cages are NOT mandatory, but are recommended)






Equipment- all players must now wear CSA approved hockey helmets. Goaltenders must wear CSA approved hockey Goal Masks or hockey helmets.


It is NOT up to the refs to check helmets before players step on the ice. If a player is on the ice, once the game starts, without a LEGAL helmet, whether the play is going on or not, and is noticed by the ref, the player will be assessed a 3 minute minor penalty and will not be able to play until he/she puts on a proper helmet. 







You may contact the League at






Please check on a regular basis. If you see a suspended player playing while under suspension, please notify the League immediately





(Please remember stats are just for fun and NO awards are given out and may not be 100% accurate, as we just record what teams put on the scorecards. If we feel a team is making a mockery of the stats we will not list any players from their team in the scoring leaders)




Rule clarifications:


Penalties- All faceoffs when a penalty is called will go in the defensive zone of the team taking the penalty, except when there are coincidental penalties, then faceoff is at closest faceoff circle


The League reserves the right to suspend any player or team that we feel is detrimental to the game of Sponge Hockey due to verbal abuse of League officials or opposing players or for excessive rough play. If we suspend a team the will be taken off the schedule for the remainder of the season and a pro-rated refund of League fees MAY be applied.


Most players are excellent so we do not want to ruin the fun of the game with few “bad apples”. Refs are now instructed to crack down on the verbal abuse, which many times leads to chippy play.



We will have ZERO tolerance to any player uttering threats. It the ref hears a player threaten violence or challenge a player to a fight, they will assessed a 3 minute penalty and an automatic GAME EJECTION


Any player threatening a ref or challenging a ref to fight will be suspended indefinitely



GAME EJECTION: Any play receiving a game ejection for these infractions will receive an automatic suspension.  All Suspensions will carry over from season to season- First game ejection 1 game suspension. Second Ejection same season- 3 game suspension. Third ejection same season- 5 game suspension- NO APPEALS

Any player suspended from one team (that does, or wants to play on another team) cannot play on any other team in the league while suspension is on. The league will contact team captain with severity of the suspension. Any player suspended may be banned from community center premises, including parking lot, 1/2 hour before, during, and 1/2 hour after all league events while suspended. The league will provide suspended player with all dates and times of league functions upon request


Game Ejections- Player/s involved have 3 minutes to leave community centre after leaving the ice. First the visiting team's player/s will be escorted off the ice to they can get their personal belongings if from their dressing room, if necessary, then once they leave the community centre, the home team's player/s will do the same. Remember, the game clock is still running, so the quicker you have your players leave, the less it will cut into your playing time. Any player/s not abiding by these procedures will face possible lifetime ban from league and community centre, and/or criminal charges if the situation warrants


Sponge Hockey is for FUN…...please remember that!




When Community Center staff is cleaning rinks, please stay off the ice until the staff and their equipment is right off the ice.


Staff will STOP cleaning the ice if players step on the ice before they are done. If they are flooding the rink in between your games, you may stay in your player’s box until the staff has left the rink.


Please vacate your dressing rooms with 15 minutes of game’s completion




KEY VIOLATION- Many players are really getting on the refs about the key rule. Please remember, the key is an important rule, but the refs PRIORITY is to watch the puck and watch for penalties. They will do their best to call the key. Players may be given unsportsmanlike penalties for verbally abusing refs on this matter (as well as any other matter)





PLEASE use garbage cans- The clubs will be supplying garbage can in player’s boxes and dressing rooms





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